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You can rewrite your story

about us

We Can ALL Build a Healthier Gut

Life teaches so many lessons but for me one really stands out.

Gut health knowledge change lives.

It certainly changed mine, it was a long (and lonely) road. But it doesn’t have to be this way for you.

My team and I are passionate about helping you find gut health solutions that you can trust.

We handpick a growing network of trusted Australian gut health practitioners, resources, courses (and more…) so you know that what you get is the real deal.

We are here, not only because there is so much information (and confusion) about gut health now, but it has become so important to know WHERE to look to find TRUSTED advice.

So it is with this intention that I offer Mamabiome.

We can rewrite our story. And build a healthier future. If only we know where to look.

When I eat good food I feed my tummy bugs. They give me energy. And I want happy ones because they make my body healthy.

Eliana Samios (Age 6)

Real Life Solutions

Practical Gut-Friendly Lifestyle Goals

We believe working towards a healthier future should be holistic, practical and family-friendly We are NOT all about supplements, quick fixes or magic cures. We do not judge your current lifestyle choices. We DO connect you with solutions that are about taking your life just as it is, and making incremental positive, gut-conscious steps toward your own health goals.
One step and one day at a time.

My Story

Victoria | Microbiologist,
Gut Health & Nutrition Advisor

I am passionate about sharing what I learn (and am still learning), from my work, my kids and my endless seekingI understand, the pressures placed on families by gut-related illness – especially before you know what is even going on!

The endless search for answers. The frustration. And the stress.

I’ve heard hundreds of clients’ gut health storiesI know it can be a long hard road. But also that when you turn things around, the positive results are near miraculous.


Victoria Seddon - MamaBiome

My Background

15+ years working as microbiologist.

Health, fitness professional – personal training & lifestyle coaching.

Environmental engineering study – how microbes can commercially work for us.

Environmental mycology business owner – think mould in your home.

Microbiome & gut health coach.

Inspiring gut health wherever I go.

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