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Avoid gut health overwhelm with these 5 steps. And without science. Just common sense advice from a mama who has been there.

Do you have gut health information overload?

Symptoms include…

  • Squinting (at the SIBO article you just read)
  • Frowning (child + sauerkraut = not going to happen)
  • Head shaking (nope, life is nothing without cheese!)

And generally feeling like you’re going around in circles.

Oh and obsessive symptom spotting.

Can one person really have IBS, with a touch of coeliac, a sprinkle of yeast overgrowth and a dash of adrenal fatigue…?

How To Conquer Gut Healing Overwhelm. In 5 Steps. No Science. - Objective - Mamabiome

Got Gut Healing Overwhelm?

Yup, I think we all do.

It can get ridiculously confusing. Really quickly.

It’s actually the number one gut health concern I hear. All wrapped up in overwhelm.

  • Where do I start?
  • Is there even any point?
  • It all seems so hard!

The following 5 tips will help you avoid getting stuck in this procrasta-gut-health cycle.

Because there really is life after cheese.

And life is so much rosier when you don’t worry about pooping-in-public after eating anymore! (Take it from a panicky-public-pooping surviver.) Healthy insides change E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!

So here we go…

How To Conquer Gut Healing Overwhelm - Mamabiome

#1 Start Where You Are

This is a little brown nugget of wisdom…

Say it with me.

Start. Where. You. Are.

That’s right now – for those of you not familiar with new age philosophy.

  • Just take a moment and accept where you are.
  • And stop stressing about being somewhere further along.
  • Stress is definitely not a gut-healing activity. Quite the opposite.

So relax!

If you are just beginning and have no idea what an arabinogalactan or inulin is. That’s OK.

Just start where you are. Make peace with your progress.

And follow the gut healing (grain-free) cookie crumbs.

One crumb at a time.

How To Conquer Gut Healing Overwhelm. In 5 Steps. No Science. 1 - Mamabiome

#2 Change (Or Swap) One Thing At A Time

Unless you have a personal chef, housemaid and a sizeable deposable income you’re like most of us.

No matter how much we want to change all-the-things, all-at-once it’s just not feasible.

The solution?

Change one thing.

Just one.

  • Rock that one thing.
  • Stay consistent.
  • Get comfortable with it.

Then change something else.

This makes big changes seem easy. It also gets everyone else in the house used to a new ‘normal’.

We took this approach recently before starting GAPS. It worked a treat.

The whole protocol seemed like an extension of what we were already doing. And we nailed it! But our gut health journey truely began many years before.

With baby steps.

Here are a few ideas to get you started…

  1. Decide to only eat food with ingredients you can understand. Start by going through your cupboard and read what’s in your food. Throw out anything that doesn’t meet your criteria. Then next time you go shopping take a few extra minutes and scan the ingredient list. If you don’t know what something is made with, don’t buy it.
  2. Try a different oil for frying. Buy a jar of coconut oil and start using it instead of your current cooking oil. You could change over straight away or alternate it with another high quality cooking oil. Or maybe even gee.
  3. Add a new gut friendly vegetable or prebiotic food to your weekly menu. You could add crushed raw garlic to some olive oil with lemon juice and salt for a prebiotic salad dressing. Or hunt out some Jerusalem artichokes and give them a go. If you’re feeling brave see if you can sneak some dandelion leaves into a green salad.

Just think of the things you do everyday and start there.

Taking baby steps is perfectly OK and a compulsory key to avoiding overwhelm.

You can do it!

And please don’t be tempted to compare your progress with your uber-Paleo friend Louise.

Just keep making your changes.

One at a time.

How To Conquer Gut Healing Overwhelm. In 5 Steps. No Science.2 - Mamabiome

#3 Make Friends With Imperfection

This is starting to sound like a life coaching session…but embracing imperfections is true for gut health too.

Before you start, let go of trying to be perfect. And just get on with your messy imperfect life.

Here’s why.

You can only control so much. And you need to get OK with that.

An example…

Life today makes it really hard to avoid all the chemicals.

  • They’re in our water, air and food.
  • And our personal care products.
  • All our household essentials.

It’s easy to start feeling like it’s all a bit futile. SO many toxins and so little time!

But the answer to avoiding overwhelm?

Change what you can easily control first.

  • Start small with your deodorant and worry about the expensive air filtration system later.
  • Change your laundry detergent before getting all hung up on not having organic clothing.
  • Get rid of household insecticides (fly sprays etc) rather than freaking out about flame retardants in your new living room rug.

Make gut health your masterpiece. Approach it stepwise. And in pieces.

It will never be finished.

A big mindset shift for me came when I discovered how “organic” produce still contained traces of commercial pesticides like glyphosate.

Before declaring defeat I thought about it rationally for a minute.

These chemicals have become so widespread that nothing is free from them. Even organically farmed products.

So while there may still be traces, buying organic is still important to me.

  • Organic significantly reduces our toxic load. Glyphosate kills bacteria. While I’m trying to repopulate them.
  • Organically farmed food has a better nutrient profile from nutrient-dense sustainable farming practices.
  • We vote with our dollars so I choose to support farmers who value my health. If you ever get the chance to talk to an organic farmer it’s so enlightening!

Do the best you can, with what you’ve got. And start bringing in new changes.

Soon enough it will be your new normal.

We are aiming to do better and never perfect.

Because there is no such thing.

How To Conquer Gut Healing Overwhelm. In 5 Steps. No Science.3 - Mamabiome

#4 Find Your Gut-Conscious Tribe

Get together with like-minded friends and family.

And ask questions.

Sharing knowledge and experiences with open-minded gut-conscious people is a wonderful way to avoid overwhelm.

And an even better way to learn.

Information is so much easier to understand coming from a real person.

As much as the internet has expanded our access to knowledge, nothing beats an insightful chat with friends over a turmeric latte!

If you don’t have any find some!

  • Look up meet up groups or Facebook groups in your area. The Mamabiome Project group is a great place to start.
  • Attend workshops focused on health conscious topics. Like fermenting, organic gardening or natural health.
  • Ask at your local organic grocery store. They often run events and have community notice boards.

Lastly, when you share your ideas and thoughts with others you might be pleasantly surprised who else is interested.

And you never know, your interest might be the spark that ignites a gut-health fire for someone else.How To Conquer Gut Healing Overwhelm. In 5 Steps. No Science. 4 - Mamabiome

#5 Learn At Your Own Pace

This might just be the most important point.

To avoid overwhelm it’s certainly mandatory. Here’s why.

Progress in any life changing journey is best made slowly.

In small, consistent, incremental changes.

Changes driven from a place of understanding.

If you understand WHY you are changing something you are far more likely to stick with it.

And your WHY is important.

  • It’s your driving passion. It will fuel your decisions when you don’t feel enthusiastic about making dinner.
  • Your why will encourage you to keep reading that book, even though it’s full of terms you’re not used to.
  • The reason WHY you want to focus on gut health will be a life-changer. It will have already changed your life and now you are ready to make more changes.

Take a minute to reflect on your WHY.

  • Perhaps you started this journey for your child. Like I did.
  • Maybe your own health crisis bough you here.
  • It could even be a deep knowing that something isn’t right.

Whatever your reason, it will guide you to learn all you need to know. In the time you need to know it.

One discovery will lead to another.

And very soon you’ll look back and see just how far you’ve come.

No overwhelm!

How To Conquer Gut Healing Overwhelm. In 5 Steps. No Science. 5 - Mamabiome

Last Words

So there you have it mama!

5 easy non-sciencey steps to avoiding gut health overwhelm.

Here’s the recap.

  1. Start where you are. Make peace with your progress. You’re not out to prove anything to anyone else. Just acknowledge where you are. Then begin.
  2. Focus on changing just one thing at a time. A key overwhelm buster. Just do one thing. Then do the next. Pick a starting point. Get comfy with it. Then change something else. Baby steps.
  3. Make friends with imperfection. Your Instagram feed may be full of perfectly presented wholefood meals, in perfectly clean kitchens, but know it’s not a reflection of real life. And nor is striving for a 100% en pointe gut healing journey. Life happens. And that’s how it’s meant to be.
  4. Find your gut-conscious tribe. Seek out like-minded friends and family who understand your journey. And stick with them. Or find new people who get what you’re up to. Community is so important. Especially when you are doing something a little left of mainstream.
  5. Learn as you go. Get to know your gut-healing WHY and let it guide you along the way. New information willl come and go. But the knowledge that sticks with you will have roots deep in your WHY.

Bonus Tip

How To Conquer Gut Healing Overwhelm. In 5 Steps. No Science. Bonus Tip - Mamabiome

Here’s a #6 just for you!

For after you’ve mastered all that and you’re ready to start things moving a little faster.

Make a bigger impact by focusing on changing a BIG thing. Or something that you do or eat regularly.

  • Like getting a shower filter fitted. To remove the anti-bacterial chemicals and reduce your toxic load.
  • Or swapping from regular pasta to a gluten-free alternative. Gluten and its abundant protein gliadin get up to all sorts of trouble in our gut. Like contributing to the ‘leaky’ opening of intestinal cells and more.
  • Even exchanging white potato for sweet potato if you eat a lot of it. Starches tend to provide a safe and sticky home for yeasts and other less friendly gut bugs.

We can all make gut healing a part of our lives without letting it overwhelm and take over.

And if I can do it, so can you.

You’ve got this mama!

Victoria x

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