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Holidays are nearly here!

There’s a festive vibe in the air and summer (here in Australia) is well on it’s way.

All tell tale signs of the onslaught to come…


The annual 31 day (must-eat-all-the-foods) celebration that efficiently combines religious remembrance with microbiome assault in an over indulgent nod to the year that was.

The result…?

  • Puffy people
  • Crazy kidlets
  • And tired mummies (and tummies).

Consequently, we all seem to start the year at less than our best.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Have *Actual* Happy Holidays

Let’s change it up this year!

Holidays should be about FAMILY and FUN.

Not so much FOOD and FRUSTRATION.

A massive part of holiday stress is directly influenced by the food we indulge.

  1. The foods we choose to eat ourselves; at work functions, family gatherings and pick at for hours after.
  2. But most importantly too, those foods we choose to feed our children. When the kids are happy everyone is happy.

And gut health kids sure do let you know when they’ve eaten something their little tummies can’t handle.

With this in mind (and our precious mama sanity), here is the best way I know how to avoid the holiday crazies, ensure my jeans fit next winter and enjoy this supposed-to-be wonderful time of year.

Be 3M Mindful

The best way I’ve discovered, to enjoy the holidays is to be mindful of the 3 M’s.

Not the awesome sticks-to-everything but doesn’t lift the paint adhesive do-dads. While they are certainly life-changing I’m referring to the most assailed areas of life in December…






Make it your 3M mantra

Meanwhile, mindful = mind empty.

Ironic huh?!

OK, let’s get to it.

#1 Your Money.

People remember how you make them feel more than the stuff you buy them.

  • Create awesome memories.
  • Give thoughtful experiences.
  • And mind your wallet.

Before you go spending loads of money on loads of things, DON’T.


The less you spend on stuff the less stress you will invite into your space. 

You won’t have to keep track of who has what, who wants what and who is going to get upset if you give this to that one. Following mama?!?


Choose memories. Create experiences. Give love.

#2 Your Microbiome.

Don’t worry so much about Santa’s naughty and nice list. Concern yourself with your microbiome’s list instead.

And here it is:

  1. Nice microbes love healthy foods.
  2. Naughty microbes crave naughty foods and thrive on them.

Life (and gut health) is all about choices.

Yeast and many other not so nice microbes love it when you eat their favourite foods; sugar, starch and foods made up of the trifecta – sugar, starch and fat = cake!

They make gas, team up with other nasties like Strep and are the main cause of bloating. 

They have even been found to have influence over your food choices!

So if you want to avoid the January bloat and off the charts crazy kids, this is where you need to be careful.

Give the puddings and sweets a pass.


Choose plants. Avoid refined sugar, flavours and numbers (drinks count too). Eat less.

#3 You, Mama.

It can be absolutely overwhelming trying to keep track of all the end-of-year festivities.

My best tip…watch how you breathe.

It sounds silly and a lot too simple. But I assure you it’s a thing.

Breath watching works.


The instant you notice it, your breath settles.

Like magic.

No fanciness here.

For me, I find waking up just a little earlier than everyone else and having a precious moment with the sunrise makes the world of difference. To just breathe.

Create time for you, sit and watch how your body breathes.

And while you’re up and breathing, don’t let the time of year take away from your yoga, gym or other you-time practices.

When you are calm the world feels less crazy.

And the kidlets too…so long as you didn’t feed them sugar, colours and flavours.

Then you’re in for a whole other world of fun.


Choose you first. Make time. Don’t stress. And breathe…

If you start out December with these cornerstone areas of life in mind, knowing they need to be measured with great care, your next best year is already off to a flying start.

Wishing you the happiest of holiday seasons.


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