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Your gut health, hinges on how you think about food. It’s why shaping your microbiome mindset is so important. And it’s easier than you think.

Two things typically happen when you begin your gut health journey.

  1. You get healthier. When you feel better and start to glimpse this ‘wellbeing’ thing you thought was just an urban legend.
  2. You think about food (and life) differently. You begin to question and examine food, nutrition and just about everything. Your mindset shifts. From locust to lover.

But none of this happens on its own.

There is no magic fairy dust or spontaneous download.

The key?

Good old fashioned learning.

  • Educating yourself. Expanding your knowledge and awareness of how your ‘normal’ everyday habits affect your microbiome and your life.
  • Research. Questioning becomes second nature. It’s the life blood of change. And it’s easier now than ever before. Because Google.
  • Knowing better. Then over time the way you think about, and your relationship with food, health and life changes. It shifts.

This deep understanding of how it all works is crucial to gut health success.

But it comes at a cost.

You are bound to offend someone.

 A Microbiome Mindset Test

This all came to a head in our house this morning.

Yesterday we had family over for dinner. Beautiful, love-filled, graciously generous octogenarians.

Who despite our “no need to bring anything” invitation.

Brought something.

Numerous somethings.

  • Chocolate slice
  • Snickerdoodles
  • Cornflake cookies
  • Gingernut biscuits

Our GAPS home was showered with mouth-watering, will-power testing, sugar, gluten and margarine laden treats.

All homemade and lovingly packed into containers.

Now, to my science-seasoned, microbiome-focused, gut-brain they didn’t have the desired effect.

  • Not a spark of wanton.
  • Nor a shred of lustful longing

But to my loyal, people-pleasing, waste-conscious companion they ignited a yearning deep in his psyche. Or perhaps his SIBO.

They aroused the locust.

His must-eat-all-the-things-all-at-once switch was flipped.

He failed the microbiome mindset test.

Microbiome Mindset Why Its Important And How To Hack It - Mamabiome

When You Know Better…

You see, I woke this morning to a crumb-filled bowl smirking at me in the kitchen.

I was immediately suspicious – the greedy grasshopper is NOT a newcomer in our household. 

With eyes narrowed, I tentatively checked the cupboard – to survey the damage.

Not a sweet treat in sight.

No way!

He wouldn’t!

But he did.

He ate the whole glutenous lot! 

In one sitting – about 20 biscuits and 10 pieces of slice!

And all under the cover of darkness – a sneaky midnight feast.

Needless to say, when he woke, Mamabiome here was NOT speechless.

  • “How are you feeling this morning?”, I loftily enquire.
  • “Alright”, comes the sheepish reply…
  • “Hmmm, I’m sure”.

What ensued was a soap box lecture on the microbiological and biochemical consequences of his late-night tryst.

I’ll summarise it here for you…

There was me, animatedly explaining how I see how his body responding to the massive injection of sugar, gluten, polyunsaturated fat and cocktail of other not-organic ingredients.

  • digestive enzymes – struggling to keep up at an hour when they shouldn’t be working
  • cytokines – interleukin 6, an inflammation marker responding to the sugar load, desperately trying to enlist cells to mop up the glucose
  • gliadin – a product of gluten digestion, stretching tight junctions, poking holes in a bucket partially mended
  • yeast – thriving in the abundance of sugar, extending their germ tubes ready for replication
  • streptococcus – beading off in lengthy chains, in cahoots with candida, gobbling away, calling out for carbs

Then there was me, woefully lamenting over the past months of GAPS gut healing and years of organic market produce.

  • Of countless, carefully considered home cooked meals.
  • Of grass-fed meat and pastured eggs.
  • Hundreds of litres of bone broth.
  • Jars of 6 week sauerkraut.
  • 24 hour cultured, raw-milk yoghurt and labne.

I kind of went on…

And eventually there was him.

His heart pouring with empathy for the re-gifted, pension-purchased, luncheon-leftover baked goods “I didn’t want them to go to waste”.

Which of course got me started again.

My point (in the end) was this.

To change your mindset you must deeply understand HOW what you eat affects your body.

Because when you do you will not want to subject your cells to such ignorant onslaught.

I recalled, mid-rant, a quote I’d read – I’m annoying like that.

“Eating crappy food isn’t a reward. It’s a punishment” – Drew Carey

How do you treat someone you love? With consideration or flagrant contempt?

  • Would you water your garden with cordial?
  • Do you feed your dog chocolate?
  • Do you consider your microbiome at dinner time, or purely your taste buds?

That’s the shift.

How To Hack Your Microbiome Mindset

Now I’m wholly aware that I *might* be coming off a tad overbearing.

Pretentious perhaps. Maybe a little anal.

And I acknowledge that.


It’s because now, I know better. So I do better.

You can’t unlearn gut health.

You can see, feel and taste it. The promise of wellbeing. Of truely being well.

Take these multi-coloured morsels for instance.

Microbiome Mindset Test - Mamabiome

What do you see? How do they make you feel?

Take a second. Really think about it.

Want to know what I see?

Be sure – remember once you know there’s no going back…

  • Artificial colours. Sprinkles of petroleum derived poisons. Hundreds and thousands of liver cleansing enzymes. A rainbow of adverse food reactions.
  • Refined sugar. Sweet, toxic and highly addictive. Mercilessly requiring minerals from your cells. Feeding yeast and bacteria you really don’t want fed. Triggering a cascade of body chemicals beaconing insulin.
  • White flour. Glyphosate drenched fields of wheat. Gluten – a gluey, sticky paste. A habitat ripe for opportunistic bacteria, fungi and parasites. Digestive distress.
  • Caged eggs. Crowded, claustrophobic suffering. Salmonella. Campylobacter. Antibiotics. Hormone hoped chickens fed nutrient poor GMO soy grain. A dangerously unbalanced omega 3 to 6 ratio.
  • Vanilla flavouring. Laboratory created chemicals – coursing through the veins and straight to the brain. Side effects. Behavioural disturbances. Dizziness. Allergies. Nausea. Fatigue. Headaches. Chest pain…
  • Bad fats. Highly processed plastic-like fat polymers duping cellular physiology. Their crooked margarine arms jostling for position within cell walls and more.

A hungry ecosystem of microorganisms. All vying for pole position. Desperate for food in a race for survival.

And a subsequent state of inflammation.

  • The driver of disease.
  • A body over-taxed and under-paid.
  • The currency? Nutrients.

Not looking so enticing anymore are they?

That is how you hack your microbiome mindset.

You expand your awareness. Consider your ecology. Then lose your locust.

And it will only manifest with endless learning, persistent questioning and a generous serving of love.

Getting The Last Word In

Gut health is cutting-edge.

  • It’s where science meets sense.
  • Where money buys food (not drugs).
  • And in many cases takes years to achieve.

It’s everything we’ve all been searching for.  A whole-system approach to health.

And the last thing I’ll say…

You have just taken your first step towards gut health.

A simple mindset shift toward your microbiome.

And you can’t put a price on that.


Victoria x

P.S. Has your locust been swarming? Read 5 Simple Things You Can Do Today For A Healthy Gut for simple tips to get started with gut health today.

P.P.S. Ready to take things to the next level? [thrive_2step id=’377′]Join[/thrive_2step] the Mamabiome community and find your gut-loving tribe.

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