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For when you finally thought you’d got your child’s gut healing thing sorted but now you’re beginning to wonder if you ever really did.


No one talks about all the feels. But today we are going there.

  • The tough emotions
  • That nagging mother guilt
  • And just plain ol’ coping

Yup, told you. Going there.

Read on tired mama.

Note:  This will be brief but juicy. Because, well washing, dishes, cooking and kids.

Here it is.

The Messy Truth About Healing

Most of us discover gut health because we NEED to, not because we want to.

We come to gut healing in desperation. Loaded with mama baggage.

  • We bring exhaustion we never believed possible.
  • Nerves frayed to near PTSD levels.
  • And patience long ago spent.

We arrive despairing.

Not only wanting answers, NEEDING them.

We need to know the cause of the endless screaming, the food sensitivities, the behaviour…

Because if we don’t have hope that we can help, we will lose hope.

The Truth?

Truth is we aren’t sure how long we can go on coping.

What does coping even really mean? 

Because ….

There are days, weeks even, where we feel like we’ve finally got it all under control.

Happy kids, happy mama, happy life. 


Then without warning we wake one morning to a child acting like an enraged caged animal.

Which immediately sets our mama adrenaline surging, frantically mental checking off the foods, activities anything! different from the previous day. Noooooooooo!

Not coping.

This is what no one tells you. 

How to deal with the manic ups and downs.

That they are even a thing!

What Nobody Tells You About Healing Your Childs Gut - Mamabiome

What You Need To Know First

So before you learn about gut healing foods, probiotics or the finer points of immunoglobulin interactions, you really just need to know this…

Gut health is tough. But so are you.

And this…

  • The emotional rollercoaster that figuring out gut health brings is like nothing you’ve ever experienced.
  • Your already brimming mama guilt will reach epic proportions. Because they caught this bad gut situation from you right!?
  • Food will be blamed for just about everything.

And somedays you will honestly wonder how the heck the world got so populated. Does no one actually front up with how impossible and crazy these kids can be!?!

…apparently not…

But you will make it through tired mama.

Know that you will make it through.

One day. One tantrum. One flare up at a time.

That’s the secret.

And motherhood’s greatest lesson – the lesson of one, just one.

You will make it.

Oh and this too…

Hope Changes Everything

Hang onto the hope of that glorious day when you finally feel like a calm and present mother.

Remember how good your face feels to smile? A proper joy-filled smile?

Feel it. Breathe it. Dream it into being.

Hold hope.

Try not to get caught up in the guilt.

  • Of all the food stuff.
  • The toxins and chemical stuff.
  • And the antibiotic stuff.

You can only do the best you can with the situation you’re in.

And remember, one at a time.

Because the further I fall into this gut health rabbit hole, and the more I learn, the less I am convinced that gut health is purely an individual, biological, gut-brain situation.

We Are All In This Together

I’m beginning to wonder if it’s a collective thing. An energy thing.

Maybe it’s the weather.

Or the moon.

Or even the stars.

That I don’t know.

  1. I wish I could explain why numerous, completely random individuals from all over the city, all on the same day present to their doctor with what turns out to be the same streptococcal and yeast co-infection. Periodically. Consistently.
  2. Or why over Christmas last year the number of septicaemia cases on a particular weekend skyrocketed. Like nearly 10 times the usual number. I’d love to know what’s driving it all.

There’s clearly something else going on.

Something that science can’t explain. Not yet.

And at risk of sounding completely woo-woo, I’m increasingly convinced that amidst the plant-based, wholefood, gut-health revolution there’s an ancient hidden message.

One of love.

  • To fiercely love our crazy kids, because they need us more than we know.
  • To love ourselves, because we need us too.
  • And to respect and love all life.

Even (and especially) the microscopic life we can’t see but wholly depend on.

We really are all in this together.

But only together can we make it through.


Victoria x

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